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“We don’t feel as if safety should be a trade secret. 
At the end of the day, we want to ensure that everyone in the industry is working safely.”

Offering a broad spectrum of industrial services, including scaffolding, insulation, protective coatings, paint repairs, mechanical and fire protection, Giovenco Industries has become one of Australia’s leading contracting companies.

Giovenco is well known and highly regarded, today employing in excess of 850 staff. Giovenco is comprised of a group of Industrial service contracting companies. First Established in 1954 by 5 brothers, now is one of Australia’s’ largest contracting firms.

The company, now comprised of a group of specialised multi-disciplined industrial services contracting companies, was first established back in 1954 by five brothers, who combined their skills gathered in their home country of Italy to operate a small sand blasting and painting business in Sydney.

As luck would have it, the first contract accepted by the brothers was for the construction of the Caltex refinery in Kurnell in NSW – a project which launched the brothers’ careers and business and is still being supported by Giovenco Industries to this day as a storage terminal.

“That was more than sixty years ago,” says Paul Giovenco, son of one of the founding brothers and current Managing Director and CEO. “To date we’ve still got hundreds of employees working on sites doing maintenance work for long term pioneer clients. Since that time we have diversified into other areas such as scaffold, insulation, mechanical and Tanks repairs and refits.

“We think in terms of industry relationships, the jewel in the Giovenco crown has been our relationship with Caltex and Chevron (being fifty per cent owner of Caltex), having worked for a client since their inception into Australia. 

It’s pretty significant that a family industrial service business can work for such a long time with their pioneering clients. We’ve seen good times and we’ve seen bad times together and we always seem to work it out and keep working together as a team.”

In fact a modern day milestone for the business is Giovenco Industries carrying out hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for Chevron (via Bechtel) on their Wheatstone LNG Project in WA during 2014-2017.

Traditionally, the types of services offered by Giovenco Industries tend to be at back end of the project, which can be limiting for a company interested in adding value to any given project. We find that if we integrate into a client’s project as soon as possible, we can achieve beyond expectations because we become an integral part of the project by offering a whole array of technical expertise upfront which is then delivered at the back end by our execution.

In this sense, the company is seen to be a leader in innovation for its industry. “Innovation is one of those hum words in the industrial services,” Mr Giovenco admits, “but certainly over the years, Giovenco Industries has brought to our trades a variety of innovations.

We were one of the first companies in Australia to use the orbital automatic welding machines. Way back in the mid-eighties we invested over a million dollars into such equipment and it was really a ground breaker for Australia for that sort of technology. In more recent times innovations such as robotic tank abrasive blasting units are delivering amazing results in productivity, safety and environmental impacts to customers.

The company today is both well know and highly regarded. The image Giovenco projects and the reputation we have is enviable within the industry. Although the company has a very solid turnover, we are sure that some of our competitors, suppliers and customers believe our turnover to be closer to the billions than the hundreds of millions. This is all related to the professional and successful image we project.

It is about delivery and culture. It is about reaching a level where our employees promote our business. We have the faith to bring our employees into safety audits with our main contractors, as we know that the culture of safety is one that all our staff understand. This is important, Giovenco prides itself and even sells itself on that culture.

We have to deliver a project on time and to a high quality, but most of all we have to deliver it safely. When we see employees being safe on our site, we often write to their families to tell them what a good job that person is doing, by driving the importance of safety home to every one of our employees, we can preserve our spirit of safe operation. 

On the 9th October 2015 the Giovenco Group was acquired by Stork Technical Services BV of The Netherlands, a Multinational Maintenance, Modifications and Asset Integrity Company that employs more than 16,500 people worldwide with global revenues of approx. Euro 1,500 million. With more than 185 years of experience, Stork provides innovative solutions and integrated thinking and doing in the areas of asset integrity; maintenance, modifications, consultancy, inspections, repair, renovations, relocations and other related complex projects to the global oil & gas, chemical and power sectors.

The acquisition will extent Storks global foot print in the asset integrity and fabric maintenance within the Asia Pacific region whilst maintaining the Giovenco family culture as all of the Giovenco management team have been retained.

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